Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to remove Dark Circles under Eyes

Dark Circles TreatmentThese days dark circles have become really a big problem even for the youngsters. The main cause of dark circles is the stress and less sleep. Stress is in every age of life whether you are young or old. You are studying, working or doing business, you have stress. So, if you want to avoid dark circles you need to reduce stress in your life and take a proper sleep. But if you already have got dark circles under eyes then you need to take some necessary steps to reduce it. Some of the useful remedies to reduce dark circles have give below.

  • Almond oil is very effective to remove dark circles. Do a massage with almond oil regularly for 4-5 minutes before sleep. If you also have wrinkles on face, apply massage on whole face.
  • Put the slices of cucumber over eyes for 10-15 daily. This also helps in removing dark circles.
  • Avoid harmful skin care products. Only use natural skin care products.
  • Drink lots of water daily and avoid sun on your face, especially on eyes.
  • Take a healthy diet. Eat lots of fruits daily that have good amount of vitamins in them.
  • A good sleep is very important for proper eye care and body care. So, always take enough sleep.

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