Monday, February 1, 2010

How to reduce Body Fat

Excess body fat is really a big problem. No one wants to look fat. Everyone wants to have a slim personality, want to look smart, young and beautiful. But excess body fat is really a big obstacle between this.

Dieting is one of the very common strategy that is followed by many people in order to loose weight. But dieting is not a solution to this problem, even this causes other health problems. A healthy diet is really very important to keep your skin glowing. If there is a lack of vitamins in your body, you will have rough skin and also you will get the aging effects earlier.

Some people want to loose weight in no time, which is not possible and if in any case someone try this through any medicine or any other method, it may be quite harmful. It is very important to give sufficient time to reduce weight.

To loose weight in a proper manner you need a balanced diet. Your diet should not be a low calorie diet, as it will only reduce the muscle mass but not the body mass. If you want to eat junk food once in a while, it should be taken after a strenuous exercise. Eat low carb diet before you start exercise to burn fat in place of carb. A good amount of proteins is really essential for building muscles. Include sufficient amount of proteins in your diet to build muscle mass. Never skip your meals. Do not drink water immediately after finishing your meal. Drink water after half an hour of your meal. Do not drink water in a standing position. Just sit on any chair or somewhere when you drink water. You should know the foods that add fats to your body and you should always avoid them.

Regular exercising is very important to reduce body fat. Daily walk is also very beneficial for weight lose. Daily half an hour in the morning and evening will help you to reduce body fat. Skipping is also beneficial, if you can do.

Proper sleep is also very important. Good sleep also adds to the proper metabolism of the food and reduces the craving for eating again and again during the day. Divide your meals into small frequent healthy meals. Avoid any unwanted medications.

These simple tips given in this article will help you to lose body fat sensibly without losing muscle mass.

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