Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Home Remedies for Fair Skin

Home Remedies for Fair SkinFair Skin is demanded by everyone. Everyone wants to look fair to get good complements from others. But not always all people get fair and shiny skin. Sometimes people with dark skin feel inferiority. To avoid this inferior feeling they try a lot on their face in terms of cosmetic products and sometimes surgeries also, which sometimes harm to their skin instead of improvement.

To get a lighter skin from the dark one, is not a one day task. It needs lots of patients and proper care of your skin. To get a fair skin if someone apply home remedies instead of using cosmetics would be a best solution. Cosmetics also give good results, but only if they are applied with due care and those cosmetics should be of good quality. Home Remedies for fair skin are the best to use if you don’t want to face any side effects.

Some of the very useful home remedies for fair skin are give below.

  • Take 2 tea spoons of curd, 1/2 tea spoon turmeric, 2 tea spoon of gram flour. Put these ingredients in a bowl and mix them properly. Now this mixture is ready to use. Apply this on face and start massaging with both the hands. Massage on whole the face including forehead. After 10-15 of massage, let this to be dry on your face. Within 5-10 minutes mixture will be dry. Now you can remove it using normal water. By applying this mixture on your face regularly you will get a fair, smooth and healthy skin.
  • There is one more home remedy that you can use for a fair skin. For this you need some milk, 2 tea spoons of gram flour and a lemon. Put these integrands in a bowl and also squeeze the lemon in it. Keep it for 5 minutes and after that start massaging on your face using the mixture. This mixture should be something thick. Now massage for 10-15 minutes. After massaging let it dry and wash.
Both the above remedies are very useful for fair skin. In both the methods massage should be done gently, not in a hurry. You can do this process regularly. In case you don’t have enough time you can also perform weekly or twice a week. These methods have no side effects. By doing regularly you will get fairness more early.


  1. Wow, that is really nice. I have heard of these tips before but I cannot use them as I am allergic to gram flour.

  2. really useful tips!

  3. very good and easy things thanks

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  6. Pretty Nice Post!!
    If you want a fair skin then make a face pack of three tablespoon of cucumber juice, one spoon lemon juice and rose water. Apply it on the face, neck, hands and legs and leave for about 30 minutes and then rinse off. Twice in a day apply it. Very soon you will see results coming in front.

  7. amazing !!!! this works wonders on my skin! like i was transformed into cleopatra! thank you soooo much!