Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oily Skin Care: Treatment for Oily Skin

If you get a layer of oil on your face a short while of after washing the face, that means you have a oily skin. Oily skin easily get acnes and pimples problems. That is why an oily skin needs special skin care. There are number of treatments for oily skin.

Some of the very useful tips for oily skin care is given below:
  • Take one egg white, I tablespoon of Lemon juice, I tablespoon of Mint and ½ cucumber. Mix all the ingredients properly and apply on the face. Let this be dry for 15 minutes and wash. This helps in removing access oil from the face
  • Mash a tomato and apply it on face. Tomatoes are effective for oily skin.
  • Take a tomato, lemon juice and oats. Mix them and apply this mask on whole face. Now wash face with warm water. The home remedy is really very effective for oily skin.
  • Use of clay mask is also very useful for oily skin. It clears out excess oil from skin.
  • A good diet with rich of proteins and vitamins is also essential for skin care. So, always include fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables in your diet. Stay away from oily and fried foods.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Eye Makeup Tips: How to apply Eye Makeup

Eyes are the most appealing part of your body. When you are communicating with someone, then eyes play an important role in communication. Eyes are also called the mirror of your complete image. As eyes are the most appealing part, a special care to the look of eyes must be given. For this you need to give a good makeup to your eyes while going any party or other function.

To start with eye makeup first you need to hide the dark circles under your eyes using a good concealer. Before applying concealer you can also clear your eyes using the potato peel or put slices of cucumber over eyes for few minutes and then apply concealer. The secret of good eye makeup is to give a good eye base. If you give a good eye base, your makeup will stay longer.

Now it comes to apply eye shadow. For eye shadow, use two or three different colors, instead of using one. Mix them properly and the shade something be matched to your eyes color. Next is to use eye liners. Eye liner is mainly used to make your eyes to look larger. Get a wet slanted brush and line the eyes from inner corner to outer edge with some dark eye shadow. Do the same with the lower lashes as the upper ones but from the middle to the outside.

To give a more stunning look to your eyes you can use a highlighter as well. For the night party makeup pink or gold highlighters are very good. Now curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler followed by using mascara. You need to apply mascara on both upper and lower eyelashes.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lip Makeup tips: How to apply Lip Makeup

Lip makeup gives an instant color to your face. If you are in a hurry, then applying only the lip makeup can give a complete look to your face. Without lip makeup, your makeup is incomplete. If you have given a good makeup to your face and lips have no makeup then it will look something inappropriate. Lip makeup should be done according to your skin tone, dress and face makeup. For lip makeup first it comes to the lipstick. Lipstick is the most important component of lip makeup. If the shape of your lips is not proper, then by applying a lipstick properly you can give a good shape to your lips.

Here are some of the Special Tips For Lip Makeup:
  • If you have given a dark and heavy makeup on your eyes, then you can balance it using soft lip color. Instead if you have light eye makeup, then you need to apply a dark colored lip color.
  • A lip base or foundation is important to give before applying lipstick. This will stick your lipstick for a long time. It will prevent lipstick from smudging.
  • To give a different look You can also use a shining lip liner.
  • For the thick lips you can use a outline to look your lips smaller. This will make your lips something natural. For thicker lips you should avoid dark colors of lipstick like brown, plum, pale shimmers. In this case you can use medium toned lip color.
  • For thin lips, apply out liner pencil out of the natural shape of the lips. Draw the outline, very carefully and slowly, to get the natural shape. Fill in the lip color and finish with touch of frost on upper lips.
  • If you think that you don't have a good shape of your lips, then draw a shape carefully, starting from the center of the lips and towards corners. This needs patients and practice.