Saturday, September 4, 2010

Home Remedies for Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair TipsYour hair not only reflects to your personality but also an important part of your health. Hair care is as important as skin care. For healthy hair first of all your diet should be perfect including rich source of vitamins. Intake of fruits and milk is very important for healthy hair. If you are looking for healthy and shiny hair and want to have some home remedies for the same, then check below some of the very important home remedies for healthy hair.

  • Massage with coconut oil is very effective. Before washing of hair you can massage with coconut oil. Massage should be done with finger tips on the scalp. You can also use almond oil for massage.
  • If you have very dry hair then you need special care and need to massage using curd. Take one bowl curd and massage properly like you massage with oil. Massage with curd should be done before an hour of hair wash. After one hour you can wash your hair. You can use curd once a week. This will make your hair very healthy and shiny.
  • If you are looking for shine in your hair then use can use egg on your hair. For this Take two eggs. Mix them completely in a bowl. And then using a hair brush apply egg from up to down manner. Wash hair after an hour. Using egg weekly on hair will make your hair very shiny.
  • For conditioning your hair you can apply a home made conditioner. Take a mixture of white egg and coconut, this is a very good home made conditioner.

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  1. Taking care of the hair is the most important bit.We use too many chemicals these days and therefore the hair texture is always affected.It is best to give your hair oil message regularly and steam therapy also helps.