Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cheeks Makeup Tips: How to apply Cheek Makeup

Cheeks MakeupCheeks makeup should be applied in a manner that it could give a natural look to your face. It should be something rosy in natural way. The right blush can give you rosy cheeks. Check below some of the very effective makeup tips for cheeks.
  • Use a pinkish shade closest to your skin color. Brush out some of the blush from the compact and blow off the excess. Now apply the shade for the smooth and even finish.
  • Blush on the apple of your cheeks and merge towards the hairline.
  • Apply a shade that is darker than your skin color. After then you can use a lighter shade to highlight the cheeks. The darker and lighter shade should be mixed up properly, they should not look differently.
  • While doing blushing on cheeks, you also need to give some blush on your forehead, nose and chin. This will give better results on your face.
Cheek Color
  • The color that you will use on the cheeks, should only be for complexion enhancement and not to change your skin tone. So, always use colors that are something close to your skin tone.
  • During the day use your blush sparingly. Daylight makes such makeup look more prominent and plastic. At night, you need to use some deeper and dramatic shades. Wear slightly frosted powder on your cheekbones which creates a subtle effect, beautiful and alluring.

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