Friday, January 8, 2010

Complete Skin Care of your body

skin careComplete skin care means taking care of your whole body. Not only a face requires a care, but he whole body need a special care. Fortunately, taking care of the complete body requires a less labor than a face care. Below are the some steps to which if you apply in your daily routine you will get a beautiful skin.

  • Moisturizing your skin every day is required. Moisturizer should be taken by all whether men or women. Specially when you have a dry skin moisturizing the skin becomes more important. Dry skin is always itchy and uncomfortable. Repeated scratching can break your skin which is then itchy and sore. Breaking skin will also get an infection when harmful bacteria enter the body, when your skin is dry enough and not moisturized. If you can’t remember to moisturize everyday, then try to make it a part of your daily routine. As you leave out your bathtub or shower, when your skin is still damp, slather on a moisturizer made for all over body use. The layer of the moisturizer will trap in water that is sitting on your skin from the shower and it introduces to the skin the moisture contained in the product itself.
  • If someone has a dry skin and using a bar of soap while taking bath, then soap is not really a good option. Soap will make more dry to your skin so instead of soap you must you a thick moisturizing cream cleanser. But problem skin doesn’t begin and end with dryness. If you have all-over oily skin, then a soap or a gel cleanse would be best then the cream cleaner. If your body is prone to experiencing acne, then try to use a cleanser specifically formulated to treat body acne. Using a cleanser that works for, not against, your body’s skin type is a key component in all-over skin care.
  • When you go for shopping for the new moisturizers and cleansers, then don’t forget to pick up a bath- or shower-time exfoliator. Exfoliators help to keep the rough skin around the elbows and knees smooth, on the same time they are important for other reasons as well. If you don’t exfoliate before moisturizing, then you are going against your moisturizer. Your skin will take the moisturizer much easily and in a better way if you first slough off the dead skin cells from the skin’s surface that block moisturizers from getting to the new skin underneath. Exfoliating is also good for acne-prone body skin. By keeping your body well exfoliated dead skin cells will never build up and trap bacteria in your body’s pores. As we know that most people’s body skin is much thicker than the skin of their faces, use of a coarse exfoliant will be much better like a sugar scrub.

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