Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nail Manicure: How to take care to your Nails

Like your hands and foot, nails also need special care and for this nail manicure is done. Nail manicure is not hard to do and you can do this easily at home within a short time period. Below are some of the very easy steps for nail manicure at home.

To start nail manicure, first you need to clean your nails properly with a nail remover.
  • Foil your nails properly with a nail file or cut them if they are too long.
  • Apply some cream on your nails and do massage gently on the nails one by one. This will give a smoothness on your nails if they are ruff.
  • Now take some cotton and remove all the cream from your nails. After that give a wash to your hands to completely remove the cream.
  • Before applying paint on your nails, you need to clean your nails with an orange stick that has been wrapped with cotton and dipped in nail polish remover and rub over your nails.
  • Remove any creamy residue, if there is nothing you can polish your nails.
  • Start polishing your nails in the center. Give one stroke in center from up to down and then give one-one stroke on the sides of the nail. One nail should be painted in three strokes. Let it be dry before you apply the second coat.

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